Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A R Rahman's 'Between Heaven and Earth' reviews

Old reviews from worth reading

"I don't remember how I even found this CD. I had never heard of A.R. Rahman but after sampling the music and reading the reviews I decided to buy it. What a revelation! The music is truly a timeless blend of eastern and western. It is at the same time powerful, sensual, deep, primitive, modern and melodic. Rahman blends primitive-sounding drums with lush orchestration and Indian and Chinese instruments. This is one CD of which I do not tire, even after I've had it on "repeat" in my CD player while I'm doing other things. Highly recommended."

"Although I am a native American who grew up in Texas on Lightin' Hopkins and Ray Charles, with a diverse taste in music from Mozart to Bill Evans to Emmy Lou Harris, I now listen primarily to A.R. Rahman - and frankly have just about lost interst in any other music. Rahman is the genius of melody and subtle percussion. His music has evolved out of India, but it also comes from what must be his personal enormous heart-felt love for all of life, humanity and God. His grasp of the eternal and the transcendental in melody will bring tears to your eyes and long lost feelings into your heart. Rahman is a superstar composer worldwide, loved by literally millions, and appreciated by great musicians in every country all over the planet. I'm delighted SONY has released this, because not only is it breathtaking, magical music that draws you into far away exotic realms, but it is commercially accessible to us as westerners and perhaps it will introduce many more to the Genius of the Heart - A.R. Rahman. I can't say enough good things about his music. Look him up on the internet - there are dozens of websites devoted to him, his music, and his remarkable life. A modern day Orpheus, India's Mozart - Awesome!"


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