Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Java OpenSourced - JVM and javac

Interesting info from the read-me text that bundles along with the HotSpot (JVM) source.

'This directory contains the sources for the Java(TM) HotSpot(TM)
virtual machine, the best Java virtual machine on the planet.
The HotSpot code base has been worked on by dozens of people, over
the course of 10 years, so far. (That's good and bad.) It's big.
There are nearly 1500 C/C++ header and source files, comprising
almost 250,000 lines of code. In addition to the expected class
loader, bytecode interpreter, and supporting runtime routines,
you get two runtime compilers from bytecode to native instructions,
3 (or so) garbage collectors, and a set of high-performance runtime
libraries for synchronization, etc.'

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