Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Live Mail doesn't recognize mails from Microsoft

I have subscribed to a bunch of Microsoft Newsletters. It seems that Live Mail does not recognize those mails and marks them as 'Unknown Sender'.
I am made to click on 'Allow Sender' every time I get a newsletter from Microsoft.

Does anyone have the same problem?


gguy said...

You think that's bizarre? IE 7 wouldn't allow a software update because it considered the software company a security threat based on several factors one of which was an expired Business certificate. The company? HINT: Its headquartered in Redmond, Washington.

userind said...

Its really annoying to click on 'Allow Sender' every time I get a mail from them. Microsoft should allow mails from Microsoft them self. I am not sure of what logic as been written to filter these kind of mails and probably they just don't work on the 'from' email domain alone and may be on the entire email address.

BTW, Windows Live Mail Desktop also show up those info messages in a different way.